Ketamine for Depression

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Am I a candidate?

When a patient has not responded to inpatient therapy, medicine, or other forms of treatment, ketamine infusions should be considered as the next step, especially in cases of:

  • Rapid relieve of recalcitrant depression
  • Effective depression management during crisis
  • Sustained benefit with maintenance infusion

Ketamine infusion therapy as a treatment of clinical depression has been shown to provide rapid relief of symptoms when other treatments have failed. Studies show that a series of very low doses of ketamine, infused over one to two hours, has a dramatic effects on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression including patients suffering from suicidal ideation.

The clinical results for medical ketamine indicate an almost instant resolution of moderate to severe depression symptoms. Patients sense relief even after a single infusion but for sustained relief six infusions over a three-week period is needed. Future maintenance infusion may be used to protect against relapse of depression.